Holding on to Faith

I don’t remember my grandmother, but her death has cast a shadow over my adult life for as long as I can recall. At age 43, Odessa Abner, my paternal grandmother, was diagnosed with breast cancer. A year later, on January 17, 1974, she passed away with my father at her side.
I was 3 years old.
Fast forward to my early 20s. I am sitting in my doctor’s office with a stack of medical...

In Tune With Change!

You can be in tune with change, dear friend, for there is a divine plan of good at work within change! No matter what you are facing in life, remind yourself: I am in harmony with life and in tune with change.
Begin to give yourself credit for having already moved through many changes. Remind yourself that you've already overcome many obstacles in your life and found the stamina,...

Releasing Stress

One of the most widespread problems of modern times is what is often called the “pressure syndrome.” Certainly most of us are all too familiar with the high-level tension seemingly built into life and work, causing stress and all sorts of compound problems of mind and body.
There are many situations in which we may typically respond with stress: a multimillion dollar financial crunch...

Expanding into New Territory: Unity of the Great Plains and Unity of St John

Unity Worldwide Ministries’ Rev Steve Colladay has a great job: He gets to help bring new ministries into manifestation. As Ministry Expansion Coordinator, Steve coaches spiritual leaders on vision and mission, and supports them through the extensive application process to become an official Unity ministry.

“These people have a vision and they step out on the edge of faith. They may not even have people yet. It’s a major calling and response to Spirit. It’s a God job all the way through,” he says.

Passion Reboot

I am sitting on the floor of the Canyon de Chelly in Arizona. The towering red rock walls and Spider Rock glisten in their evening bath of sunset. Soon I will hear the yip of the coyotes and behold a star-filled sky.

During this last evening of the four-day solo portion of my first vision quest, I am thinking back to how it started.

The Power of a Stand

Now that we know the vitality of the Earth is declining every day, the question becomes, “I’m just one person. How can I make a difference?”

According to Lynne Twist, co-founder of the Pachamama Alliance, “The answer starts by first asking, ‘Who do we need to be?’ And I think who we need to be are people who know that the decisions and choices we make now impact the future of life for the next hundred years. Everybody alive today has a role to play.”


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