Advent Is Always Arriving

It seems as though we preachers are challenged to come up with new sermons every Sunday. This can be especially tricky during the holidays. How many different ways can we find to talk about Easter, Christmas, and Advent? I had a minister for many years who joked with me that he basically had about 12 sermons, and he just recycled them with different content and in different ways. 
I used to...

Howard Caesar: 40 Years of Serving Unity

In mid-October 2016, I had the privilege of conducting an interview for Unity Leaders Journal with Rev Howard Caesar. Our focus topic was on mission, vision and values at Unity of Houston, Texas, where Howard has served as the senior minister these past thirty-three years. This article is a snapshot of what transpired during that fall afternoon.

The Little Snowflake and the Sunshine

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Once upon a time, there was a little snowflake.
Actually, it wasn’t quite a snowflake …
If you looked at it under a microscope …
There it would be,
The tiniest image of a snowflake...

A Most Cherished Gift

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Unity poet laureate James Dillet Freeman wrote about the childlike bewilderment of Christmas in Unity Magazine®. In his article, “My Prayer for You This Christmas,” Freeman encouraged us to remember the excitement and awe of being a child during...

Creating Cutting-Edge Technology With a Purpose

Noelle LaCharite freely admits that she’s a “little different than your average bear.” This might be a bit of an understatement considering her successful 20-plus year career in the IT engineering field, coupled with a strong desire to use her admirable skillsets to enhance the Unity movement and spread the message of positive, practical Christianity.
LaCharite, an Alexa...


We are in an age of great change … corporations are streamlining their workforces … industries are either being eliminated or are moving into new fields. … Jobs once considered to be secure are being eliminated. Many workers are being faced with … retraining for new fields of work [or] … launching out in entrepreneurial endeavors, calling for faith and vision...

Unity Honors Rev. Dr. Johnnie Colemon

After being told she had only six months to live, a young African-American woman named Johnnie Colemon traveled from Chicago to Unity Village, Missouri, seeking answers. Not only would she discover that perfect health was her birthright—as natural as the air she breathed—she would enroll in seminary, become an ordained Unity minister, and break racial and genders barriers along the...

Spiritual Healing Can Take Many Forms

In our desire for spiritual healing, it is important for us not to be attached to a specific image of how the healing should appear. Spiritual healing manifests itself in as many ways as there are individuals manifesting it. Spiritual healing is a movement toward a greater wholeness of being. This can take many forms.
Spiritual healing can include any form of conventional healing as well as any...

Everyday Namaste

A breathtaking crimson sunset … the sound of children laughing … an exquisite landscape painted by a brilliant artist ... the majestic plume of a peacock. There are so many beautiful things in our world to behold and be awed by. For me, however, there truly is nothing more beautiful than experiencing or bearing witness to a moment of Namaste.
Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit word...


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