Rejoice Always

This article originally appeared in Daily Word
Christmas offers us many opportunities to cultivate our attitude of gratitude. The “Spirit of Christmas” is not just a season—it is a way of living in gratitude for God’s loving presence active in our lives. Gratitude opens our minds and hearts, our eyes and ears to see and give thanks for the good in the Now! As we enter...

I Am Love

Affirmation: My thoughts, words, and actions reveal my loving nature.

Live a Life Full of Love
Love is easy. Easy-going in the way it glides and unfolds in each of us. Love is yours and mine to feel and give, as it is centered in our very nature.
But that belief—love is a universal power—can be obscured by all the attention given to romantic love (think Valentine’s Day)...

The Power of Peace: Eight Ways to Discover It

Affirmation: In quiet times of prayer, I am filled with a sense of tranquility.

If it is up to each of us to be peace, how do we find it, amidst the chaos, real-life tragedies, predicaments, and pain in our families, neighborhoods, and world communities?  
Our paths to peace are as individual as we are. Like a diet tailored to your health needs or the spiritual practices that bring...

Why Bike Rides Are Good for the Soul

In January 2012, I had the intense desire to find a spiritual family. But where to look? I considered the New Thought church that I had attended years ago, but something told me that a “better” place was out there for me, one more suited to my spiritual path, and that this new place was actually waiting for me to show up.
I searched the internet for a New Thought church close to me,...

The Inside Scoop

Before Ram Dass (the subject of this issue’s “Listening in With …”) became a yogi, teaching Eastern spirituality to Westerners, he was Richard Alpert, Ph.D., a Stanford-educated psychologist and self-described “neurotic Jewish overachiever” who became one of Harvard’s youngest tenured professors. He was on the fast track until he and fellow...

Listening in With … Ram Dass

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As a guru entering the scene during the tumultuous 1960s, Ram Dass introduced Eastern spirituality and philosophy to Western minds hungry for (or at least curious about) enlightenment. The author of Be Here Now (Lama Foundation, 1971), he taught millions to...

Understanding Consciousness

After spending more than 20 years in academic neurosurgery (15 of them at Harvard), I thought I had some idea of how brain, mind, and consciousness were interrelated. But that was before my near-death experience. In November 2008, a severe case of bacterial meningitis sent me into a coma within three hours of symptom onset. I was put on a ventilator and given very powerful antibiotics. I should...

Happy Birthday to the Fillmores

In commemoration of the August birthdays of Unity founders Myrtle and Charles Fillmore, the Treasures of the Archives series looks at the early lives of the Fillmores, and the importance of birthdays as expressed in Unity teachings.
“Remember that your physical birthday is a blessed event because it is the symbol of a much more important birthday, your spiritual birthday,” wrote...

Going for Greatness

Barbara Stanny was on a much-needed retreat when she heard a clarion call come out of nowhere, loud and clear. She caught three simple words: Go for greatness. The voice struck like a lightning bolt, wise and commanding. It was a message that would change her work and her life’s path.
“I was burnt out and exhausted. I’d lost my mojo. I was just going through the motions...

The Right Hue of Blue

Blue is without question my favorite color (possibly dating back to when my parents dressed me in blue and my twin in red so they could tell us apart easily when we were babies). So I was pleasantly surprised to find a unique space here at Unity Village lovingly called the Blue Room.
I’ve found quite a few gems on campus, and the Blue Room is most assuredly my prized sapphire (pun fully...


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