Welcome to UnityofSalem.com

Welcome to Unity of Salem!

Unity of Salem is a ministry where people of all ages, races, genders and orientations, backgrounds and beliefs come together to celebrate the one common spiritual thread that lives in every heart!

Welcome Home!

Come on in!  This Door is open for you!

We EMBRACE SPIRITUAL principles for every day living
We BELIEVE  IN MAKING a positive difference in the world
We OFFER INSPIRATION, new insights from universal, truths, and prayer and meditation  in our services !
WE  SUPPORT  You and Everyone in our Community on your Spiritual Journey!
We ENVISION a World that works for EVERYONE!

May those who come for peace, be comforted.
May those who come for Truth, listen to the Spirit within.
May those who come for healing, be healed.
May those who look for God, come to realize Thou Art That.
And may we all bless each other by Being who we have always been,
Sharing what we love and teaching what we know,
And encouraging, all people  everywhere, on their journeys to wholeness.

For more information about Unity International go to Unity.org