Our Land


Unity of Salem has been in its present location since 1975. Our property consists of nine acres on which rests our church (formerly a private home), our Bookstore, and an office/classroom modular. Our sanctuary seats approximately 125 people and downstairs we have our Youth Program.

We also have walking paths and benches inviting you to explore and relax on our nine acres.  We have tarted a meditation grove and will be continuing to add to our nature habitat Oregon native plants and trees.  There is also a community garden set up for use of our congregation to enjoy summer fruits and vegetables.  Our goal is to provide an environment that encourages people to heal and stretch their emotional and mental bodies and to expand their spiritual understanding. We believe that internal work empowers individuals and helps them achieve healthier, prosperous and more creative lifestyles.

International Peace Trees

In an effort to bring awareness to the need for peaceful coexistence to our community and the world, we were awarded three Japanese Ginkgo trees derived from the seeds of trees that survived the atomic blast on Hiroshima 75 years ago. We are grateful to the Green Legacy Hiroshima project, whose mission is to spread peace trees throughout the world, for choosing our community to join the hundreds of organizations in planting these memorial trees. These trees have been planted as an our Peace Garden and provide a quiet sanctuary for those who would like to visit our site. We are open to the public during daylight hours.

Peace Pole

Our Peace Pole was planted in the ground on Sunday, September 27, 1987. The Society for Prayer for World Peace in Japan began the peace pole movement more than a decade ago. At the time there were more than 60,000 poles planted in 168 nations. It is engraved with the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in four languages.

Garden of Memories

In August of 2013 we dedicated the garden just south of the Sanctuary to acknowledging all of our Spiritual Family who have passed on. There is also a book in the office honoring their memory.