About us

Who we Are

Unity of Salem is a Christian-based, new-thought church. Our spiritual community offers Sunday service messages, music, and meditations that create a harmonious atmosphere in which people are encouraged to open their hearts. We strive to be nonjudgmental, accepting and loving toward all of God's children. As we learn together, we empower one another to create healthier, more prosperous and creative lives.

Unity of Salem's Vision Statement

Centered in Spirit, we create a world of unlimited peace, love, and joy.

Unity of Salem's Mission Statement

Unity of Salem nurtures spiritual growth in inclusive loving community

Unity of Salem's 2017 Affirmation

Trusting Divine Love, I am grateful for the courage to see myself and seek peaceful understanding.

Trusting Divine Love, we are grateful for the courage to see ourselves and seek peaceful understanding.


Unity of Salem has been in its present location since 1975. Our property consists of nine acres on which rests our church (formerly a private home), our Bookstore, and an office/classroom modular. Our sanctuary seats approximately 125 people. Each Sunday we offer coffee, tea and/or hot cocoa in our Gathering Place before and after the service.

We also have walking paths, a gazebo and benches to rest on our 9 acres.  We have just started a meditation grove, with the donation of native Oregon trees and will be continuing to add to our nature habitat Oregon native plants and trees.  There is also a community garden set up for use of our congregation to enjoy summer fruits and vegetables. 

Unity of Salem is a growing and vibrant community in service to its congregation and community.  We strive to put our vision statement into practice by encouraging leaders, offering opportunities for people to serve in their church activities, and continually fostering a spirit of community.

Our goal is to provide an environment that encourages people to heal and stretch their emotional and mental bodies and to expand their spiritual understanding. We believe that internal work empowers individuals and helps them achieve healthier, prosperous and more creative lifestyles.


Unity provides services for adults and youth. We offer a Sunday youth program with a wonderful team of qualified volunteer teachers and assistants, along with excellent teaching materials for tots through teens.

We have youth activities for children and young adults from early childhood to age 18. Child care is available during the 10:30 a.m. service. Our youth program is during the 10:30 a.m. service.

The Bookstore

Our bookstore offers a wide range of metaphysical, Unity and self-help books, and CDs. We also have a lending library.
CD's of the full Sunday services are available in the bookstore following each service. You may request a CD by calling (503) 364-0156. Cost for the CD and mailing is $7, if you pick up the CD it will be $5. You can be mailed CDs of all the services approximately once a month by signing up and donating $20.00 per month or $200 per year.



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