Keep a True Lent study group with Theresa Flanery, LUT

Unity believes that we can best keep Lent by denying ourselves not “things” but negative thoughts and feelings. Lent is a time in which, through prayer and study, we can contemplate the resurrection experience and practice its principles in our lives. In the book “Keep a True Lent” Charles Fillmore helps the reader prepare for a spiritual journey. Keep a True Lent includes a day-by-day study guide and daily affirmation to help the reader make the best use of this period of self-reflection and prayer and guides each reader toward a spiritual awakening and resurrection of his or her own. Join Theresa Flannery, Licensed Unity Teacher, for this powerful experience during the Lenten Season. See the transformation in your own life as you follow along with Fillmore’s daily guide and affirm the truth.
March 17th, 2019 9:00 AM   through   10:00 AM
1777 Fabry Rd SE
Salem, OR 97306-97306
United States
Phone: 5033640156
Phone: 5033640156